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Please complete the order form and we will get back to you shortly to clarify your order details before we get started.   We look forward to working with you!

(Please use Zip/Postal Codes when possible)

*Integrity Leads will provide the Client with the outlined and agreed to telemarketing services.  Custom Calling programs hours purchased represent hours spent on the campaign by a caller, and do not include time spent in consultation, list sourcing, script creation, and strategy sessions with management. The Client is not required to, but may provide their own list if they reside in Canada or USA and the list is approved by Integrity Leads for use. All orders outside of Canada or the USA require adequate calling lists are the responsibility of the client to provide for the campaign.  Integrity Leads may need to expand the targeted geography or client list in order to complete a campaign should we not have enough numbers to call.  The Client will have access to the list for the duration of the campaign, complete with statistics, and follow up notes.

The Client has no requirement to provide a minimum amount of available hours in availability but accepts that limiting the hours of availability could reduce the amount of success on any given program.  Integrity Leads advises the Client to provide us with a minimum of 20 available hours per week to use within regular business day of Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm. If the Client does not share a calendar or define the possible hours of their availability, Integrity Leads will use a default schedule as follows: Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm as related to their correct time zone. If the Client does not specify preferred time length in between Appointments, Integrity Leads will use their discretion in assigning time between Appointments. The default time allotted between scheduled appointments is typically no less than two (2) hours. Booked Appointments will be sent to the Client approximately 48 business hours from when they are first booked in order to allow for the verification and confirmation of each Appointment. Integrity Leads will provide the Client access to regular campaign statistics including but not limited to audio recordings of booked appointments or relevant interactions.

Integrity Leads does not guarantee that a leads or an appointment will result in a sale. Integrity Leads does not guarantee that meeting times with the potential client schedule will not change. There are no refunds on processed orders. Any early cancellations will be penalized at a rate of 50% of the remaining balance on the order. If the Client is not able to complete their program within a 6 month window from their initial order, and this of no fault of Integrity Leads, the client will forfiet their payment and/or any remaining balance.  A potential client may request to have the Appointment cancelled or rescheduled for a later date. The Client hereby allows Integrity Leads to call as a representative of the Client as operating under their business name, in the interest of the goals of the calling campaign, and on behalf of the Client subscribing to the Integrity Leads program. The Client acknowledges it will take at least one week setup time before Integrity Leads commences telemarketing services. The Client understands that lead generation is primarily the responsibility of the Client, and any leads provided to them by Integrity Leads are purely supplemental to their existing marketing strategy. 

 Monthly Subscription Program:

The Client hereby registers to the Integrity Leads Subscription program for a minimum of three (3) orders of a minimum of 50 hours per order. I authorize Integrity Leads to charge my Credit card for the agreed amount and at the agreed rate outlined as under current subscription terms, no earlier than each subsequent calendar month date from today’s date. IE if today is the first day I register and pay for my 1st month’s telemarketing campaign, and is the 10th of January, my credit card can be charged on the 10th of February, the 10th of March, and the following 10th each subsequent month, and only if I have received my complete order of telemarketing services at that time. Should I not have received my order within one calendar month, I understand that I will not be billed again until I have received my complete order, and the new minimum time for my Credit Card to be billed for my next order will then be one calendar month from that new date when I received my order in its entirety. Should my order not be completed because of scheduling issues or restrictions on the part of the Client, the next payment will still go through on the 30 day mark, but no more until the calling campaign resumes. A payment date longer than the 30 day mark would only occur if Integrity Leads is unable to provide the telemarketing services in the allotted 30 day timeframe with all minimum necessary requirements mentioned above being considered. Integrity Leads cannot guarantee that the order will be completed within that calendar month, but will guarantee that it will be done within two calendar months as long as the minimum requirements have been provided by the Client in order for us to complete the campaign.  If two calendar months have passed since the order date, then the client is allowed the option of canceling the rest of the service with no further obligations, and no penalties. If the Client places the order on hold themselves, it will void the two month completion guarantee. My orders will continue to be billed in this same way beyond the minimum 3 orders, and until I or Integrity Leads dissolve this agreement after that initial 3 month period and with 30 days notice. I acknowledge that I am entering a minimum 3 order commitment for a minimum of 50 hours of telemarketing for each of the three orders. Any early cancellations will be penalized at a rate of 50% of the remaining amounts of appointments left on the entire 3 orders (min 10 per order). There are 30 days cancellation terms to this agreement. Integrity Leads requires such notice on the day of the last order being processed indicating if you do not wish to continue.