Integrity's Monthly Subscription Programs are for clients who want an ongoing, regular campaign continuing for no less than 150 hours, or three months consecutive of at least 50 hours per month.   We offer a reduced hourly rate for those clients buying in bulk or committing to a minimum of three monthly orders for a mimimum of 50 hours per month (150 hours total). For example, if a business owner is away on vacation or simply busy this month, we are able to call them back and book them next month when they finally are available.  This reduces wastes overall on the program, and you reap the benefits of longer campaign follow opportunities.  The Monthly Subscription Programs allows us a higher ratio of booked appointments per hours of calling time for our callers as we have more time to play with, and more contacts to call back as time goes on.  This is a program for people who want a steady flow of leads to keep their pipeline full on a regular basis.

Initial set up fee of $189.00.  This includes Integrity purchasing a list for your campaign, in your designated target area, and with your direction.

*Funds are in USD

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