We guarantee that the conversation for the appointments set for you will be captured on audio.  This way, you are able to review the appointment either ahead of time or afterwards. This allows us to make real time changes to your campaign to ensure the best possibly results.


Although the start times may vary based on our capacity at that time, the timeframe is approximately one week from initially placing your order.   We will need to confirm your list, your script, and any other details of your program with you before we are able to begin.  We can typically do so within the week.

Yes, we will provide the list.  You are able to provide your own list if you would like. Best format is Excel.  Though we do not guarantee that we can use it, we are always willing to look at it and let you know. Usually, we are able to use your lists – but on occasion it might not meet requirements that we need to complete your order. Possibly additional numbers might need to be added to your list – or simply different criteria might need to be considered.

Custom Programs:

Integrity will be able to work with you on virtually anything you'd like for a Custom Program including:  

- Any targeted revenue size

- # of Employees

- Industry/SIC codes

- Qualifying questions / drilling down on a need

- Geography



All appointments are recorded and available for review even before you conduct your initial meeting.   This is a huge benefit to most other options.  To listen to your recordings, simply send us an email or give us a call to set up a time, and we will play the recording for you right over the phone.  However, before the appointment details are sent out to you, each call goes through our rigorous Double Checked and Verified process.   Every recording is reviewed and checked for accuracy to ensure the highest possible quality control standards are met.  2 people check the call recording to make sure that it meets the necessary criteria.  This is why we never have a problem having you listen to the call yourself.