“I’ve worked with Integrity Leads for over 5 months and I can’t say enough good things about the results. They have consistently generated between 6 and 12 quality sales meetings for me each month,  and I’ve been told by several prospects that my caller is outstanding and they took the meeting because they were so impressed with the call itself – this sets me up very well for my sales meetings – I’ve been able to close several prospects as a result and am confident I will close several more in the near future. I also have prospects looking to use Integrity Leads for their businesses, which speaks volumes about their professionalism and work quality. As a new IC looking to grow my agency quickly, I consider Integrity Leads to be my most important supplier so far. ”   -Peter P, WSI IC Alberta


“I have been working as an Internet Consultant within the (WSI Franchise) and with the help of Integrity Leads since day one (Jan 2016).  All the clients except for two have come to me through the High-Quality Telemarketing efforts of Integrity Leads.  I am currently enrolled with their program and expect to continue to grow my Franchise business by 15-20% this next 12 months by the continued use of the program.
The main advantages I have found to benefit me are the hours that are freed up to actually work on the business, instead of in the business, and also the quality of the prospects that are scheduled for my appointments makes a great deal of difference in the bottom line. 
The system is easy to work with and the staff are like having your own team working for you. I feel more confident moving forward and expect great things to come to me in the future through the system incorporated by Integrity Leads.”
   -George H, WSI IC North Carolina


“Integrity Leads has been great to work with. They helped me form an initial plan for marketing and as we learned about the territory, helped me revise that plan. They worked with me on the script we used, the locations to call, and the industries to target. I had a lot to learn and Integrity Leads has helped out all along the way. I'm sure that they will be there to help as I continue to grow. ”   -Marty M, WSI IC West Virginia


“I started working with Integrity leads in October and they have kept me very busy with appointments. I am a new IC and they have really helped to kick start my lead generation activities. They have been consistently booking appointments for me and keeping me “on the road” rather than on the phone doing cold calling myself. It is quite a relief for me to be going to sales calls and not stressing that I am not cold calling – I like coming back to my office and seeing another booked appointment. I have gone into quite a few appointments now where I felt hesitant after listening to the recording and it’s been a completely pleasant experience, it’s taught me to be very open to possibilities.”   -Nicole K, WSI IC


I have just ordered another 10! Most of the appointments they booked for me were of a high quality and eventually lead to proposals. My prospect pipeline is filling up quickly with really good opportunities. Partnering with Integrity allowed me to focus on sales and rather than setting appointments. They are a pleasure to work with. ”   -Vin D, WSI IC NYC


“Integrity Leads provides us with solid leads in the requested industries, company sizes, and usually in contact with the right person for the first meeting. Their support team communicates clearly to set the right expectations of the first meetings. If there are any issues with the meeting that does not go as planned, Rebecca responds quickly to contact the lead for a new meeting or sets up a new appointment with a new prospect. Follow up is good, and input is sought to ensure we are happy with the results.” -Kevin D – IC CA


“Well after 4 years of struggling and spending MANY thousands hours doing my own lead generation, I finally took the plunge to hire them. I am so relieved and happy that I did! Just after going on my first 8 out of 10 promised appointment, I signed up for, I had closed customers! The first client has signed up for a monthly medium sized SEO retainer. The 2nd one invested in a new website… and then this last week, signed for a monthly medium SEO retainer! The fees that I have charged these two new clients already paid for and made up for the initial investment plus will pay for several more months of their service! Furthermore, I still have a couple more of the original 10 "in the hopper" which have future potential! ”   -Valerie M – IC AZ


“As a brand new franchisee, I am exceedingly grateful for the work that Integrity Leads does. Part of our business plan is to build relationships through networking but having another avenue of lead generation, with companies that have more immediate needs for your services, has helped us increase our confidence in the products, but in how we work with clients. Without Integrity, we wouldn’t be as far along on the road to our goals as we are now. ” -Erin W – IC FL


“We all know that we need to prospect consistently for potential new clients. And it works when we do it. But we usually get caught up in urgent things and it gets ignored. No matter how much I try - I cannot get it done consistently. Integrity Leads makes the calls for me and then books me appointments. This keeps me meeting new prospects in a nice steady flow that I know eventually will lead to more deals. It’s a great way to level out the pipeline so that I don't get distracted and ignore the future.”   -Rob M - Guelph ON


“Having gotten mediocre results with two other lead generators prior to Integrity Leads, I was skeptical about shelling out another two grand only to find out the results would end up being the same. John and I had a lengthy and candid conversation over my prior experiences and the typical results achieved by other IC's from the appointments they received.
Thus far, my experience has been in line with that of other IC's and what John told me to expect. Several things stand out in addition to having my time freed up for other lead generating efforts or higher value activities. One is that my preferences in lead times for scheduling and going on appointments have been honored. A biggie is the ability to listen to the recorded phone conversation to get a feel for the personality of the person I'm meeting and inflected pain points. I've had quality appointments with businesses I did not know existed or would not have thought to call. Look at the engagement as a partnership, an investment and a discipline. ” -Daniel H – IC SC


“Integrity Leads has been a major partner in the success of my business. Their name says it all! Their entire team works with diligence and integrity to provide quality appointment leads and they are always responsive to my needs. Integrity Leads will continue to be a partner in my business for a long time!”   -Angie J - IC CA


“I've been doing lead gen as a WSI IC for approx. 7 years. I've had my challenges with generating good, consistent leads and have recently started working with Integrity Leads. I am not yet complete with my first 10 pack of leads and have already closed a contract worth almost $35K in year one!! I look forward to continuing to work with the Integrity team to grow my WSI business. ” -Lisa K – IC IL


“Integrity Leads is able to get me appointments with higher value prospects that are very difficult for me to meet on my own. In fact, my highest value client has recently come from an appointment set up by Integrity Leads. I believe that even the prospects who don't immediately have an interest in pursuing digital marketing initiatives are worth following up with and establishing a relationship with because of their ongoing investment in marketing and the potential opportunities they represent. While my prospecting is not solely limited to Integrity Leads, I consider working with Integrity an important component of my prospecting strategy because it has the potential to raise the bar on the types of clients in my portfolio.”   -Cecelia H – IC NJ


“Sometimes good leads take time to mature, particularly in a slowdown. It is during those times you need a good partner to generate the right leads, remembering that it’s a partnership where each understands the needs and capabilities of the other. I find that Integrity Leads works hard to become a partner and understand the needs – they go the extra mile. I have no hesitation in recommending the Integrity Leads team!” -Mehboob J – IC AB


“We booked 10 appointments to start with and have just commissioned Integrity Leads to partner with us on an ongoing basis. We just closed our first one, with 7 out of 10 of our first appointments resulting in proposals, we now have a prospects pipeline with great opportunities to close arrangements over the next few weeks. The quality of the leads surpassed our expectations and has really made an impact on our business. Partnering with Integrity means that we can focus on what we do best, and leave the appointment setting to them, which they do best. Quite frankly, our biggest regret is not signing up 6 months ago. ” -Jennifer L & Mike L, ICs GA


“Integrity Leads has been such a great extension of our marketing team. Closed deals, and great prospects keep on coming! They respond to prospect questions and offer great strategic advice when needed. I feel confident going forward with them knowing that I can always get quality leads on demand.”   -Nancy V, IC PA


Integrity Leads does a great job of getting me in front of decision makers for digital marketing. They also give solid coaching when I needed help preparing for particularly challenging appointments. I look forward to working with them for a long time to come.” -Dave H, IC CO


Integrity Leads delivered exactly what they promised and that was to sit it us down in front of qualified leads. Lead generation, or should I say, quality and qualified lead generation, is the lifeblood of any business and we couldn’t be happier with the results so far.
I highly recommend Integrity Leads and our WSI business is better for it.” -Mark & Kimberly J – ICs ON


Integrity Leads has provided me with such an excellent caliber of companies leading to several great opportunities for over $80,000 in web development and multiple thousands of recurring!   I have to actually pause my order, so that I can catch up before continuing!  Thanks for the high quality leads.”  -Thomas H, IC ON


I have already closed my very first appointment from Integrity and generated enough on recurring revenue to cover my ongoing subscription with Integrity.  2 out of the next 3 look great and I am likely to close them as well.  I am looking forward to the rest of my orders and am happy to refer.  Great job!”   -Jukka J, IC NM


Integrity Leads is a company that does what they say and deliver as promised. They are responsive to my needs, easy to work with, and do a great job. Their callers are professional, courteous and get the appointment! I highly recommend Integrity Leads as a strategic business partner for growth. -Ryan K, IC CA


Working with Rebecca and John at Integrity Leads is an absolute pleasure and they are always willing to discuss and strategize about any appointment. They truly conduct their business with integrity which is why I placed a second order and look forward to succeeding with several of the prospects they have found for me. For those ICs who are just starting in their businesses, Integrity Leads can significantly help you get in front of the right prospects quickly in order to start to see a positive ROI early with an effective lead generation strategy.”   -Paula S, IC CT


I just closed my first client that Integrity Leads found for me. I am so thankful that this service exists. Using Integrity Leads allows me to focus on the aspects of growing my business that will really pay off in the long run: Instead of spending hours every day cold-calling, I can focus my efforts on targeted prospecting, building personal relationships, honing my one-on-one sales skills, and providing a high-level of service to my existing customers. I truly believe one of the indicators of success for WSI Consultants is using an effective, ethical, and high-quality appointment setting service. Integrity Leads is such a service. I didn't make a sale from every sales meeting they made for me, but I did get valuable experience that I wouldn't have gotten if I had tried to do it all on my own. Thanks so much, guys! ” – Megan W, IC TX

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