We know that there are a variety of different strategies that are used in the initial meeting. Whether you are going right into an analysis or going through an initial introductory presentationt with a client – we offer coaching sessions that talk strategy for setting yourself up for a successful first meeting. From preparation to initial presentation, we will cover best practices and sales tips for you to know.
- Researching a client
- Best overall approaches to a specific industry
- Evaluating a client’s existing set up
- Best strategies for note taking
- Streamlining the initial meeting
- Additional questions to include
- How to probe for, and quickly establish needs


Furthermore we conduct post meeting sessions focusing on what to do with the information that you gathered in the initial meeting – and specifically what are the critical next steps that lead to CLOSING the deal.
- follow up
- proposals review – creating the best selling proposals
- decreasing closing times
- creating urgency
- increasing profit margins
- up-selling
- reducing buyer remorse and increase residual business
- closing techniques
- outsourcing options and strategies

Rates and packages start at $100.00 US / hour

Contact us about the best options for you and/or your team memebers.